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MeridianLink is a leading application service provider with extensive experience in the development of web-based solutions and systems integrations. With thousands of financial institutions nationwide utilizing MeridianLink’s web-based systems for credit reports, online consumer lending and new deposit account opening, we have earned a solid reputation as a top-tier developer.

Headquartered in southern California, MeridianLink has unparalleled expertise in emerging technologies and is dedicated to applying our knowledge, skills and experience to the needs of the financial services industry. Our business model emphasizes innovative design and responsive technical support to deliver solutions that propel our clients to new heights of profitability.


MeridianLink's mission is to provide powerful yet practical business solutions for the financial sector, where our actions and results consistently demonstrate our development expertise, support, and reliability.

qualifications Highlights:

• Microsoft Certified Partner:
___• Microsoft Certified System Engineers - System Architecture
___• Microsoft Certified Solution Developers - Applications and Systems
• Graduates from top universities in IT development and management
• Experts in consumer lending data and credit data
• Over a decade of experience in Internet development, security, and systems integration

core business values

Expertise in Emerging Technologies

We enjoy staying on top of new technologies and thrive on the efficiencies they bring. Our clients have confidence in our solutions because we know how to make practical use of new technologies and how to seamlessly integrate them into our solutions. Our founders are some of the brightest in the IT industry, and they lead development teams who are well versed in the best practices of programming and systems design. This expertise translates into versatile, stable and powerful systems that not only sustain your business, but help it grow faster.

Unsurpassed Service & Support

As a technology-focused company, MeridianLink hires employees who are passionate and knowledgeable about technology even if they are not programmers. Combined with our specialized in-house training curriculum and flat organizational structure, our support personnel have everything they need to quickly find the right answers for clients. Clients call us knowing that they will get direct access to a live person who can competently address their business needs or issues in a timely manner.

Dedication to Your Business Growth

Our client service philosophy relies on the fact that we are not direct participants in the financial services industry. There are no conflicting interests that might hinder our ability to help your business. We are firm in our belief that supporting our clients through technology will help achieve our mutual goal: to grow your business.



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