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August 18, 2015
MeridianLink Reports Significant Growth
Leading Loan Origination and Account Opening Platform Adds Record Number of New Clients in First Six Months of Year

January 6, 2015
NuVision Federal Credit Union Deploys Online Account Opening Platform
NuVision Federal Credit Union, a full-service financial institution with 14 branches located in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and Arizona deployed the MeridianLink platform to automate the opening of new accounts on September 30, 2014.

September 25, 2014
MeridianLink Moves to New Corporate Headquarters
New Offices and Increase in Customers Signal Solid Growth for Leading Multichannel Loan Origination and Account Opening Platform.

September 11, 2014
MeridianLink Integrates Mitek’s Imaging Technology into it's Mobile Solutions
To support the processing of IDs, checks, debit/credit cards and other financial documents, MeridianLink has integrated Mitek’s Mobile Photo Account Opening Saas Suite into their LoansPQ™ and Xpress Accounts™ iPad apps. By taking photos of documents with the iPad camera, credit union member service reps will be able to expedite their work with current and potential members wherever they may be – whether that’s out in the community or in branch.

September 11, 2012
American Airlines Federal Credit Union to Deploy MeridianLink
Financial Services Will Be Integrated Into One Easy-to-Use Platform

“The MeridianLink system is much more powerful and robust when compared to our current online capabilities,” explains Susan Longley, Vice President of Consumer Lending and Account Services for AA Credit Union. “We are looking forward to being able to provide business loans in addition to consumer loans – including auto, airplane, credit cards, personal and home equity – through the system. We are also planning to integrate Docusign into the platform, so we can offer our members the convenience of e-signatures.”

June 19, 2012
MeridianLink Supports Improved Performance at University of Wisconsin Credit Union
From being the first financial institution in Wisconsin to provide instant issue credit cards, to the convenience of e-signatures, to improved budget and credit consulting support, the University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UW CU) is utilizing the MeridianLink platform to deliver cutting edge services to their clients online and in branch. “We had a member shopping for a car out-of-state, who was thrilled to find out she could sign her loan application with her iPhone.”

March 14, 2012
GTE Federal Credit Union Realizes 83% Average Increase in Loans Funded
MeridianLink System Provides Significant ROI

GTE Federal Credit Union appreciates the results they received in using MeridianLink’s automated system for loan origination. “We’ve been very pleased,” says Tina Narron, vice president of Member Consumer Lending for GTE Federal Credit Union. “We noted an average increase of 83% in lending activity during the last six months of 2011.”

March 01, 2012
MeridianLink Teams Up With to Provide Added Online Marketing Expertise
To provide their clients with additional online marketing expertise, MeridianLink, developer of the industry's first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, recently signed an agreement with A finance-related website owned by ConsumerTrack, Inc., Go helps financial institutions connect to local consumers through their extensive web community, which includes more than 650 targeted city and state websites and receives more than 2 million visits monthly.

November 01, 2011
San Francisco Federal Credit Union Reports Increase in Online Account Openings
San Francisco Federal Credit Union is very pleased with the results from the recent deployment of the MeridianLink platform. "This has had a very positive effect on San Francisco Federal Credit Union," says Mark Michaels, Vice President of Strategic Development. "Prior to deployment, we were averaging just a few dozen applications per month online. Since we deployed the MeridianLink system to open new accounts, we’ve received hundreds of applications through our online channel, and the majority of these are from individuals new to our credit union."

October 13, 2011
MeridianLink Adds New Funding Source to Online XpressAccounts with PayPal
With the needs of today’s consumers in mind, MeridianLink, developer of the industry's first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, and PayPal, the leading online payment provider, have joined forces to offer another funding source when accounts are opened online. Any bank or credit union that is currently providing consumers the convenience of the MeridianLink XpressAccounts™ system through their web sites will automatically be able to offer PayPal as a funding option.

September 28, 2011
MeridianLink, DigitalMailer Introduce Value-added Email, SMS and
Voice Communication Solutions for Lending and Account Opening

Two organizations keen on emerging technology are teaming to help financial institutions grow their loan business and strengthen customer relationships. MeridianLink and DigitalMailer have announced an integration partnership of their online technologies to give financial institutions enhanced customer communication and survey capabilities for loan origination and online account platforms.

September 06, 2011
Elevations Credit Union Deploys MeridianLink
Financial Services Integrated Into One Easy-to-Use Platform

As part of its plan for strategic growth, Elevations Credit Union will deploy the MeridianLink platform to automate the opening of new accounts and lending online and in branch. “We’re looking forward to having one platform that will integrate and extend the functionality of all of our existing applications and systems,” says Matthew Henry, Chief Information and Administrative Officer at Elevations Credit Union. “We currently have a lot of disparity between software applications and ancillary processes. By bringing a seamless experience to both our members and staff, we can spend more time serving our membership and less time wrestling with the technology.”

July 25, 2011
Wisconsin-based Bank Takes on ING Direct With Help of MeridianLink
Account Opening Solution Helps Drive Success of Incredible Bank

In an effort to cast a wider net, River Valley Bank established an online-only bank, Incredible Bank, using the MeridianLink platform during the fall of 2009. “River Valley Bank is a traditional bank, with 16 branches spread across several counties in central Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan,” explains Cindi Jaeger, electronic banking manager. “Incredible Bank was the vision of Todd Nagel, president of River Valley Bank, to allow us to expand beyond our brick and mortar footprint.”

February 14, 2011
Keelser Federal Credit Union Reports Significant Growth in New Accounts
MeridianLink Platform Supports Average Increase of Over 300 New Accounts per Month

Keesler Federal Credit Union appreciates the results they’ve realized from the deployment of MeridianLink’s automated system for new accounts and loan origination both in branch and online. “We’re very pleased,” says Vicki Bush, Branch Operations Assistant Vice President of Keesler Federal Credit Union. “We were averaging around 1375 new accounts per month prior to the deployment of the MeridianLink platform. Now we’re pulling in over 1700 new accounts per month. In some months we’ve had as many as 1800 new accounts.”

January 12, 2011
MeridianLink Teams Up With Experian® to Create
Seamless Transactions for Financial Institutions

With insight into the needs of the financial industry, MeridianLink, developer of the industry's first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, and Experian®, the global information services company, have joined forces to create a seamless solution designed to improve efficiency in the delivery of online financial services while increasing the reliability of new account and credit decisions. By using the combined solution, financial institutions will mitigate fraud and reduce back-end operational costs while providing an improved level of online financial services to consumers.

November 22, 2010
E-Branch Most Utilized Channel
3Rivers implemented the MeridianLink XpressAccounts system to provide an increased level of service to current and potential members in June 2010. "We are building more relationships through our e-branch, which opened 153 accounts, since our go live date three months ago," says Kristine Kelley, Branch Services Team Member for 3Rivers.

November 10, 2010
Profit Stars Partners With MeridianLink
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc., a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and data processing services for financial institutions, today announced its ProfitStars division has introduced Opening Act Express, a Web-based deposit account origination system.

September 29, 2010
ONRL Federal Credit Union Increases Member Applications & Deposits Online
MeridianLink Platform Facilitates Online Account Opening

ORNL Federal Credit Union deployed the MeridianLink system for online membership applications and online account opening in July 2010. "This has been a very positive change for us," says Melissa McMahan, vice president of Remote Services for ORNL Federal Credit Union. "We've more than doubled the number of applications we receive online — and our approval rate has been around 44% — significantly higher than the industry average of 30 - 35%."

September 16, 2010
KIVA Group and MeridianLink Partner to Help
Community Financial Institutions Drive Sales and Enhance Service

KIVA Group, Inc., a provider of unified customer interaction and experience management software, and MeridianLink, developer of the industry's first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, announced today an integration partnership. The companies have joined forces to give financial institutions the ability to expedite the fulfillment of service requests, create a more personalized experience for each customer/member – with every interaction, at every touch point – and capture valuable cross-selling opportunities.

July 28, 2010
DocuSign and MeridianLink Create End-to-End Cloud-Based
Loan and Account Origination Program for Financial Institutions

DocuSign®, the market leader and global standard for electronic signature, today announced a partnership with MerdianLink, the leading application service provider for financial institutions. MerdianLink’s web-based consumer loan origination and account opening solution platform (LoansPQ and Xpress Accounts) includes the DocuSign electronic signature management service to close the loop in the loan funding and account opening completion process. The final integrated offering is immediately available from MeridianLink.

July 27, 2010
MeridianLink Announces New XpressAccounts™ iPhone App

MeridianLink has announced the release of XA Mobile, an extension of XpressAccounts™, their automated account opening system. By using XA Mobile, when bank or credit union representatives meet with prospects, instead of needing a pile of paper forms or a computer with an Internet connection, all they’ll need is an iPhone to qualify an individual and set up a new account. Bank and credit union staff can use their iPhones to take photos of applicants or their drivers’ licenses and upload them to the system, as well.

June 22, 2010
MeridianLink Provides Next Level Of Compliance Support

The latest release of MeridianLink’s loan origination and deposit platform, supports new industry regulations and rules, including features to facilitate compliance with new amendments to REGULATION Z. MeridianLink is the first to incorporate Open-End Lending plan tracking, identification of plans (online/inbranch) and automated linking of advance requests and trigger thresholds into their platform.

May 17, 2010
Two More Credit Unions Deploy MeridianLink Solution
Unitus Community Credit Union in Oregon is using the MeridianLink system to handle membership applications and new accounts. First Atlantic Federal Credit Union in New Jersey has successfully deployed MeridianLink’s LoansPQ platform to automate the origination and processing for consumer loans. Currently, there are more than 400 financial institutions using the MeridianLink platform to automate financial services.

October 07, 2009
Three More Credit Unions Deploy MeridianLink System
Three more credit unions — iQ Credit Union (WA), Royal Credit Union (WI and MN), and SafeAmerica Credit Union (CA) — recently deployed the MeridianLink system. "Each of these credit unions had different needs and goals in automating all or part of their member financial services," explains Tim Nguyen, chief information and technology officer for MeridianLink. "Our ability to adapt technology to create a custom fit for each individual credit union is one of the areas where we excel as a company."

August 10, 2009
Frontier Bank Goes from ZERO to ONE MILLION in One Month: MeridianLink System Provides Rapid ROI
Frontier Bank appreciates the results they received in just one month of using MeridianLink’s automated system for new accounts and deposits online. “We’ve been very pleased,” says Eva Shue, project manager for Frontier Bank. “Within one month we reached $1,000,000 in new deposits via the system.”

June 15, 2009
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union Realizes Greater Online Loan Volume With Meridianlink
MeridianLink’s automated loan application system has had a positive impact at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (FMFCU). “Our online loan applications have increased significantly with the MeridianLink system,” says Allan C. Stevens, Chief Credit Officer for FMFCU. “We’re getting over 25% of our loan applications online now — an increase of over 30%.”

May 18, 2009
CUSN and MeridianLink Announce Partnership
Working Together to Connect Members to Credit Unions

Credit Union Service Network (CUSN) has partnered with MeridianLink to offer XpressAccounts, an automated new member application and account opening program. “Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for our subscriber credit unions and help them take advantage of new options and technologies to assist them in connecting with their members,” explains Credit Union Service Network (CUSN) has partnered with MeridianLink to offer XpressAccounts, an automated new member application and account opening program. “Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for our subscriber credit unions and help them take advantage of new options and technologies to assist them in connecting with their members,” explains Doug Burke, CEO for CUSN.

March 04, 2009
Two Credit Unions Realize Advantages of One Platform
Both Associated Credit Union and First Entertainment Credit Union chose the advantages of one platform to automate their key financial services. “It was very appealing to us to give our staff one point of access to many of our third party applications. This vast integration is helpful in giving our staff the information they need quickly so that they can spend more time cross-selling loans and other deposit products” says Nas Ebrahimi for First Entertainment Credit Union. Jeffrey Bergum for Associated Credit Union agrees. “We liked the idea that we’d have both lending and deposits in one seamless platform,” he explains. “This offers us great cross-sell opportunities.”

January 07, 2009
Online Opening: Charlotte CU Finds ‘Missing Link’ in Competing With Big Banks
Nathan Tnathan Tothrow sees the results of marketing’s collaboration with technology at Charlotte Metro Credit Union about 80 to 140 times a week. That’s how often the online account-opening tools are used at the $177 million credit union, which has about 32,000 members and counting. Charlotte Metro began using the XpressAccounts solution from MeridianLink about a year ago and found it to be “the missing link we realized we needed in a coordinated sales and marketing process. Tothrow sees the results of marketing’s collaboration with technology at Charlotte Metro Credit Union about 80 to 140 times a week.





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